From packaging to sales of packaging materials, this is the packaging material that customers need.

Logistics Business | logistics storage and third party logistics (3PL)

All of the logistics process for logistics such as logistics storage and third party logistics (3PL) related product storage , shipping, packaging, returns, and and inventory management are provided.

물류보관 및 삼자물류(3PL)

ㆍ 제품 보관, 출고, 포장, 반품, 재고관리 등 물류의 모든 과정을 원스톱으로 서비스 제공해드립니다.

 필요한 포장자재 즉시 공급 및 운송비 절감
우천 시 용이한 캐노피 Dock 완비
컨테이너 집안 전용 Dock 설비

 넓은 상하 차장과 차량 대기 공간 확보(400평)
1,000평 규모 파렛트랙 창고 완비
 3PL- 온라인 셀러/홈쇼핑 물류/제조기업/B2B

전담 직원 고객사 상담 – 입출고, 재고 등
화물용 대형 승강기 2대 (4M*5M*3M)
위탁물 관련 박스 주문 시 우대가 적용

Features​ of the one-stop logistics center

Advantage of the one-stop logistics center

 General logistics center
 One-stop logistics center

Special Features and Strengths of the Company

2 large sized cargo elevators

Equipped with canopy dock useful
in times of rainfall

1,000 pyeong of pallet track
warehouse ready in place

Immediate supply of necessary
packaging materials and reduced
transportation costs

Wide storage space and standby
space for vehicles secured
(400 pyeong)

Exclusive staff consultations for
the customers – warehousing and
shipment and inventory, etc

Dock facility exclusive for container

3PL – online seller / home shopping
logistics / manufacturing company
/ B2B

Preference provided when ordering
the boxes related to consigned goods