From packaging to sales of packaging materials, this is the packaging material that customers need.

Eco-friendliness is a value essential for our lives today.

The paper boxes produced and distributed by
the Company are eco-friendly packaging materials of the highest recyclability.

『 Synergy between manufacturing
and distribution logistics 』

We live in an era where distribution dominates and leads the market.
Korea Packaging directly produces various packaging materials,

In addition to providing services through distribution,
We have a separate warehouse department and person in charge to deliver products from various partners.
We are running a logistics business that helps with storage, consignment, and delivery.

『 Korea Packaging leading the market 』

Korea Packaging is a synergy of manufacturing, distribution and logistics.
We always strive to become a market-leading company,

Above all else, eco-friendliness and customer satisfaction
We promise to be a priority company.